Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Saturday December 16th
12:00pm – 2:00pm

@ Circle Acres Nature Preserve

Join Myco Alliance for a fully immersive experience to provide you with the skills to create a foundation for your own mushroom cultivation practice. This workshop is an excellent primer for anyone considering mushroom cultivation for food & medicine production, research, engineering applications, or any other aspect of mycology. We dive deep into the ecological and cultural importance of fungi and mushrooms in the world, introduce you to the main taxonomic groups in mycology, and explore how fungi can help rebuild our soil and remediate urban pollution. We will cover theory and basic skills for mushroom cultivation and provide you with the framework to integrate this knowledge into your home, garden, or farm.



Topics covered
– Ecology and Life Cycle of Fungi
– Mycelium Expansion
– Substrate Preparation
– Recycling Cardboard and Coffee with Fungi
– Mushroom Gardening
– Mycoremediation
– Permaculture and Mushrooms
– Growing Mushrooms in a Greenhouse



Cost: $50
Workshop registration includes: Course handout and a mushroom grow kit.

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Saturday November 18th 10:00am – 12:00pm

Saturday December 16th 12:00pm – 2:00pm

The trails of Circle Acres are made of loose mulch and logs that line them and there are areas that may be inaccessible to a wheelchair. If you have any questions please contact us before registering. For seating, we have two large wooden benches that can comfortably fit up to 12 people. We will provide some additional seating if possible, but it is recommended to bring a small cushion or chair for extra comfort. 

Your instructor for the workshop is Daniel Reyes, Director of Operations at Myco Alliance.

What to bring

We recommend bringing closed-toe shoes, pants, hat, bug repellent, and a bottle of water for the best experience at Circle Acres. You will receive a handout with an overview of the topics from the workshop, but you should bring pen and paper for additional notes.


Parking Instructions

1) Go to 420 Kemp St, Austin TX 78741
2) Spot the concrete “EA” letters and park nearby on the street
3) Walk down the driveway and into the site through the gate
4) Follow the trail, passing the tractor, to get to the Research Station




For more information about this event contact us at


Action shots from our previous workshops

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