Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation and Mycology

Saturday January 20th
2:00pm – 5:00pm
@ Two Hives Honey (720 Bastrop HWY, #307, Austin TX)


Interested in learning how mushrooms can improve your life? Join Myco Alliance for an introductory class on the ecological and cultural importance of fungi and mushrooms in the world. We will begin the class with an introduction to the main taxonomic groups in mycology, learn what fungi can tell us about the health of the environment, and how they can restore damaged areas through mycoremediation. We will also discuss the ways in which humans have interacted with fungi over time through mushroom cultivation, folk and modern medicine, and nutrition. The class will conclude by talking about recent advances in cultivation techniques and the future of mycology. The last 2 hours of class will be spent putting your new knowledge to work in a hands-on workshop. 


  • Fungi taxonomy and ecological importance.

  • Fungi as bioindicators and their role in Mycoremediation.

  • Cultivation techniques, medicinal use, and culinary practices.

  • Present day mycology applications.

  • Future of mycology


Cost: $65
Workshop Registration Includes: Course handout and mushroom grow kit. Additional starter cultures for home cultivation will be available for purchase.


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