Myco Alliance is developing low-tech fungi cultivation methods and testing the ability of mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus, to degrade urban pollutants found in soil and water. At Myco Alliance our mission is to collect, preserve, and share vital information about the Fungi Kingdom for the benefit of our community and to create practical solutions to major environmental problems. We are interested in exploring what fungi may tell us about the health of the environment, how they may be able to help through Mycoremediation, and the ways in which humans have interacted with fungi over time through mushroom cultivation, medicinal use, and culinary practices.


  • Host educational events and programming focused on the benefits of fungi.  
  • Collect, identify, and evaluate local mushroom strains for cultivation and Mycoremediation potential.
  • Test the ability of mycelium, the body of the fungus, to degrade urban pollutants found in soil and water.
  • Develop low-tech fungi cultivation methods by converting urban and agricultural byproducts into growth media.
  • Research Mycorrhizal applications in sustainable agriculture.

Presently, Myco Alliance is housed at Circle Acres Nature Preserve in the heart of the Montopolis neighborhood in Austin, TX. By partnering with Ecology Action of Texas, a local non-profit and stewards of the preserve, Myco Alliance has started to develop educational programming focused on the benefits of Fungi. In addition to educational activities hosted at the site, Myco Alliance is also designing cutting-edge research which will be a community resource and will help provide  innovative services to existing and future industries.

The Research Station

Located within Circle Acres, the Research Station is fundamental to Myco Alliance’s work by providing the space to host classes, workshops,  mycelium production, mushroom cultivation, and cutting edge research.

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